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Low Intensity Laser

The skin is the most visible of all the body’s organs. In addition to its physiological functions, it reflects emotions and physiological states.


Skin condition gives indications of age, health and clues to life history, such as exposure to sun or chemicals, nutritional status, drug use, sleep/fatigue, stress,  hygiene, genetic traits, environmental stressors and circulation.


Low-intensity laser therapy (LILT)


Low-intensity laser therapy is a revolutionary “cool” laser therapy that delivers remarkable results.


Low-intensity laser is highly effective at regenerating damaged tissue and healing many skin conditions including burns and scars, acne and stretch marks.


The laser works by stimulating cell production by emitting a targeted series of continuous focused beams to the treatment area. Within minutes this begins stimulates the repair process.


The treatment is completely painless, because the laser does not produce heat, meaning no discomfort is felt during treatment.


Low Intensity Laser Therapy is a cool laser therapy that does not produce heat or tissue destruction. The light wavelengths stimulate healing, regenerating and corrective responses that normalise skin function - with no discomfort or downtime.

Laser Facial


The Laser Facial is an advanced, non-invasive and pain free treatment that is performed using a combination of laser which targets the deep layers of the skin without causing damage or irritation to the superficial layer and other therapeutic treatments (such as a peel). This treatment has many benefits including deep cleansing, healing, treatment of pigmentation and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The laser facial stimulates a dramatic increase in collagen production which in turn stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, leaving you with younger, fresher looking skin without having to go through invasive surgical procedures.